Young Communicators Club, Shoolini

The Young Communicators Club is the Youth wing of Public Relations Council Of India. YCC has 38 Chapters in India.

YCC endeavours to represent the youth community in the country from all fields of society under a single non-political and non-governmental umbrella to help all effectively communicate to the society, bring in leadership movement & help each other becoming good & responsible citizens of the country.

On 18th December, the Chairman of the Chandigarh Chapter of PRCI Mr. Vivek Atray and Dr.Sunil Puri, Registrar of the Shoolini University signed an MoU for the establishment and chartering of YCC Shoolini through virtual meeting. This is the 1st YCC that has been established in the northern region. Young Communicators Club was chartered at the University to empower students to network with the professionals, explore newer research and internship opportunities, and become better human beings. It would help the faculty and the students in further improving their communication skills to make their lives more useful for the society.

faculty heads

Mr. Vipin Pubby

Mr. Vipin Pubby

Director, PRCI YCC Shoolini

Reputed Journalist and Political Analyst
Former Resident Editor, The Indian Express
Director External Communications, Shoolini University

Ms. Ranjana Thakur

Ms. Ranjana Thakur

Faculty Coordinator, PRCI YCC Shoolini

Masters in Mass Communication, Himachal Pradesh University (Gold Medalist)
Asst. Professor Journalism and Mass Communication, Shoolini University

student heads



Student Chair and Head, YCC Shoolini
The Mastermind
Rhea is a second year Psychology hons student. She wants to delve into the field of forensic and clinical psychology, and possibly make a difference in this domain. She is inclined towards poetry, philosophy, literature and music.
(BA Hons Psychology and Counselling )

Prince Chaudhary

Prince Chaudhary

Student Co-Chair, YCC Shoolini
The versatile veep
An ambitious BTech CSE student with a passion for managing and leading.His insatiable thirst for knowledge fuels his pursuit of diverse perspectives. Constantly seeking to expand his understanding, he embraces new ideas and willingly shares his acquired wisdom with others.
BTech CSE (AI and ML)

executive team

Bhavya Sharma

Lead-Social Media Marketing, YCC Shoolini


Co-Lead- Social Media Marketing

Bhanu Pratap

Co-Lead-Design, YCC Shoolini

Palak Sindhwani

Lead-Logistics, YCC Shoolini


Co-Lead-Logistics, YCC Shoolini

Mitali Gupta

Lead-Public Relations, YCC Shoolini

Aman Rawat

Co-Lead-Public Relations, YCC Shoolini

Nandini Rao

Lead-Content, YCC Shoolini

Aprajita Sinha

Co-Lead-Content, YCC Shoolini

Mustafa Ahmed

Lead-Webmasters, YCC Shoolini

Ananya Manishi

Co-Lead-Webmasters, YCC Shoolini