Berries- Treats amidst the Greens

Strawberries are like souvenirs to me. They send me flashbacks of my childhood weekends when I used to watch “Strawberry Shortcake” first thing in the morning. That’s what made me fall in love with strawberries, even though I haven’t tasted them yet. Yeah! My bad.

 To be really honest and serious, why would these tiny to not-so-big, fresh and delish-looking fruits not have my heart? In fact, they already had my soul when I learned about the miracles they are filled with inside. All we need to do is add them to our shopping lists, eat them the balanced way and voila! They make it to your favourites!

Here are 8 delicious berries with marvellous benefits you need to know:


  They say blueberries are blue and sour. Yeah right! They are indeed blue, but sour? No, they are actually sweet and a little acidic. 

They are blue because they have potent anthocyanins. These antioxidants may help protect you from dementia, heart problems and even cancer. They also boost your immune system. Their high water and fibre contents give a sense of filling and they don’t even wreck your diet.

Enjoy these juicy gems fresh or frozen.

  • ACAI BERRIES (Ah-sigh-ee)

They’re called “superfood” because they’re supposed to have more antioxidants than the other berries; sounds super cool, right? The nutrients can stop cell damage that can lead to many diseases.

Having them fresh or frozen really gives your tastebuds the perfect zestiness they were missing.

  • Z – ALERT — Consult a doctor before taking them as supplements. High doses can be harmful.

Whoa! Who thought avocados would actually be considered as berries? I’m as surprised as you are but avocados are indeed single-seeded berries.

The soft, pulpy, green flesh is loaded with minerals, vitamins and healthy fats. They help your heart, keep you healthy with age, and ooooh!!! Also support weight loss.

Slice them in salads, blend them in smoothies, spread them onto sandwiches  ( on the wheat ones of course ), just, do not overdo. Balance is the key, works every time.


They have a lot of polyphenols which are anti-inflammatory chemicals that may prevent cancer and heart diseases. They help the small intestine in breaking sugar down more effectively, lowering the odds of type-2 diabetes.

Boysenberries and marionberries are some common blackberries.


 These are my go-to berries, in my dreams, for now. I’m just waiting for my complete, anytime access to these. With these heart-shaped wonders loaded with vitamin C, folic acid, fibers and antioxidants, healthy eating has been taken to a flourished and delish level.

They help lower high blood pressure and control cholesterol, manage blood sugar and fight the effects of ageing on the brain.

  • Z-ALERT — They have a lower shelf life, they spoil quickly, so buy them often and eat them frequently. They’re worth it.

Now, this needs some serious attention, you all.

For hundreds of years, people used elderberries to fight colds and flu. Did anything strike?

That’s right! This might be helpful in protecting us from COVID. There is no harm in taking a chance. Their extract shortens the flu symptoms in the first/second dose.

  • Z-ALERT — You need to cook them first coz raw ones and even the leaves may backfire.

— Pregnant and breastfeeding women, ones with low immunity should not take the risk of eating these until further research.

— Do not eat these berries if you’re active on diabetes meds, diuretics and/or laxatives.


These are found in a variety of colours, light green, pink and even red to name a few.

In India, ‘Amla’, has been long used to treat colds and fever and help digest food. It is also used as a  hair tonic; a shout out to the girls here!

So next time your Grandma comes to you with a glass of gooseberry juice, do not make any weird sound or scowl at it since she is a natural therapist and you have got to admit this.


As of the 4th century A.D.,  parts of raspberry plants were used to treat morning sickness and stomach aches.

Now it’s in broad daylight that these berries actually did the work more than any other plant part.

Loaded with nutrients, these reddish-pink gems help protect the central nervous system and as per studies, may also protect you from different kinds of cancers.

Now, ask yourself one thing, do you or do you not visualise your own best version?  If your answer is yes, then stop waiting and get yourself some berries!

Nonetheless, at the end of the day, it’s more than just getting the right nutrients, it’s about self-care and self-transformation that you deserve; being attractive inside-out should top your priority list. So, eat well, stay active and agile, learn something new and you’ll fall in love with yourself every day. 

That one right step is all it takes.

So long…

Author: Aparajita Sinha

Editor: Sharmistha Dey

Visual Content: Amit Abhishek

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